Partial Meniscus Repair

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It can sometimes be best to remove part of the meniscus when it has been torn. This procedure involves smoothing the edges of the tear to ensure a successful meniscus repair free of any complications. Our partial meniscus repair surgeries are conducted by qualified professionals to relieve pain and restore movement. It uses the same techniques as a regular meniscectomy so you can be safe in the knowledge that the procedure is minimally invasive.

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Why might you need partial meniscus surgery?

A meniscectomy partial operation can be used to treat minor meniscal tears. Even a small tear in meniscus cartilage can cause significant problems as the meniscus serves a vital role as joint shock absorber. In the long term, meniscus damage can also lead to the development of early arthritis. As such, this treatment option can be highly beneficial especially for younger people who suffer a full or partial meniscus tear.

The benefits of LLC partial meniscus

We possess a deep knowledge and appreciation for how important cartilage is for motion. This is why we offer the treatment option for the partial removal of the meniscus, as it allows a substantial amount of cartilage to remain in between the bone surfaces and protect them. Our partial meniscus is designed to supplement our meniscal repair treatments, as it offers a more efficient approach when fixing minor tears.

Our partial meniscus treatment is effective at restoring knee movement in patients, allowing them to return to the activities they love. A member of our specialist team also provides post-surgery recommendations unique to your needs. This ensures long term relief from pain associated with meniscus tear injuries, as well as delaying potential osteoarthritis symptoms.


Frequently Asked Questions

If you notice swelling, pain, or difficulty bending your knee following a fall or sporting accident, it could be evidence of a meniscus tear. A consultation with a healthcare professional should be set up to confirm whether a partial meniscectomy is the best course of action.

Recovery time for a meniscus partial removal operation will vary depending on a number of patient factors. This includes age, underlying health conditions, and the type of activities you want to return to. In our experience, recovery can range anywhere from 3-6 weeks.

Most often the answer will be no. If the tear is located on the outer edge of the cartilage, it is likely to heal as this area is one with a rich blood supply. However, this will require rest.

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