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An osteotomy is a surgery that cuts away slivers of bone in order to reshape them. It can also be used to shorten or lengthen bones to fix related joint problems. Osteotomies are typically used to treat damaged joints and resolve dislocations through reduction. Osteotomy has the potential to be a complex surgical procedure. First, a skin incision will provide access to the bone, which is measured using special guide wires. The section of bone is then removed with a saw, leaving a space in the joint. This space is filled either with a bone graft or a metal plate that holds the two bones ends together to heal.

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Why might you need an osteotomy?

Osteotomy surgery can be used to solve a variety of problems associated with joint cartilage and bone damage. A successful osteotomy can correct joint misalignment, delay the onset of arthritis and bone degradation, and allow for the even transfer of weight. Where bone damage causes stiffness, pain, and potential loss of movement, osteotomies seek to relieve these symptoms. This leads to vast improvements in not only the physical health of patients, but also their mental health as they are able experience a full range of pain-free motion.

What are the benefits of an LCC osteotomy?

At the London Cartilage Clinic, we know the exact type of osteotomy that will achieve the best results for our patients depending on their situation. For instance, for a high tibial osteotomy can provide long term relief from the symptoms of knee arthritis. Thanks to our credentials and experience, you can be safe in the knowledge that the procedure will achieve its goals with minimised risk. Following the procedure, the LCC team will create a personalised recovery plan based on your medical history and the type of osteotomy you have undergone. We are committed to allowing your lifestyle will return to how it should be.


Frequently Asked Questions

Osteotomies are not only reserved for people who are old or suffering from an affliction. Anyone can suffer an injury or develop a condition that causes weakness in a crucial bodily joint. As such, anyone can have an osteotomy to resolve joint pain and restore joint stability.

Osteotomies can be considered a major surgery. This is because the range of osteotomies that can be performed each come with risks that are unique to that procedure. Common risks of an osteotomy can be blood clots, infection, nerve damage, scar tissue. Your surgeon will discuss all the risks of the procedure beforehand.

Patients who have undergone a knee osteotomy will typically be back walking again after 8-12 weeks, although it can take as long as six months to make a full recovery. This will depend on factors such as patient health, age, and the severity of the joint damage that needed treating. Certain osteotomy surgeries will have longer recovery periods associated with them as well.

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