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Anterior cruciate ligament (ACL) reconstruction is a surgical procedure to fix a tear in the ACL ligament in your knee. During the surgery, the torn ligament is replaced with a tissue graft of a tendon from another area of your knee. Not every individual who has an ACL injury will need ACL reconstruction surgery, but it can make a significant difference to your activity level and daily life if it is the right treatment option for you. Our specialists will be able to discuss with you whether surgery might be needed during your consultation.

What happens during ACL reconstruction?

ACL reconstruction is typically a keyhole (arthroscopic) procedure, meaning that instead of making larger incisions like a conventional surgery, the process is carried out through small holes in the skin of the knee. The surgeon will insert an arthroscope (a thin tube with a light and camera) to get a clear view of the inside of your knee.

Following this, they will remove the piece of tendon that is to be used as the graft for the ACL. This can be taken from your hamstrings or your patellar tendon. A tunnel is then created through your upper shin and lower thigh bone to thread the graft through and fix it in place with staples or screws. The surgeon will check that there is suitable tension on the graft and that your knee has full range of movement before closing the incisions with stitches or adhesive strips. The surgery normally takes between one and three hours.

Why choose ACL reconstruction from London Cartilage Clinic?

Having surgery is an important decision, even if you feel that your knee is stable enough not pursue surgery at the moment, it could lead to further damage to your knee further down the line. Therefore, speaking to an industry-leading knee specialist like London Cartilage Clinic will help to ensure that the right treatment option is followed for your specific needs.

Our team are some of the best in the world and offer a uniquely exclusive and premium patient experience, that ensures you receive the highest standard of care from start to finish. Through our knowledgeable and dedicated service, your ACL reconstruction surgery will be carried out professionally by our leading surgeons to offer a life-altering outcome. Book a consultation to discuss ACL reconstruction surgery with us today.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Full ACL reconstruction recovery can take around six months to a year with exact times varying from patient to patient. During your recovery you should see a physiotherapist who will provide a tailored rehabilitation programme featuring exercises that allows you to gain full strength and range of motion in the knee. Before returning to sport as normal, the physiotherapist will want to check that you are both mentally and physically ready.

ACL injuries are some of the most common types of knee injury and often occur doing sports like tennis, squash, skiing, football, and rugby. The ACL can tear if your lower leg is extended too far forward or if your knee/lower leg is twisted. This can be done by landing from a jump incorrectly, stopping or changing direction suddenly, or colliding with another person (like a football tackle).

If your ACL is torn, the knee can lose its full range of movement and will likely become quite unstable. As a result, it can be difficult to complete certain movements like doing a turn on the spot. It might not sound that serious, but a tear in the ACL for some individuals can mean they can no longer play their sport until the issue is resolved with ACL reconstruction.

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