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Monovisc Injection represents a significant advancement in treating osteoarthritis knee pain. This innovative, single-shot hyaluronic acid treatment at London Cartilage Clinic offers patients a simple yet effective solution for managing knee pain associated with osteoarthritis. With its unique formulation and proven effectiveness, Monovisc Injection stands out as a preferred choice for those seeking relief from joint discomfort.

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Understanding Monovisc: The Science Behind It

Monovisc is composed of highly purified, non-animal sourced hyaluronic acid, designed to mimic the natural lubricant in your knee joint. This cutting-edge treatment helps to cushion and lubricate the joint, reducing pain and improving mobility. With its biocompatible and resorbable properties, Monovisc offers a safe and effective option for osteoarthritis pain management.

The Benefits of Monovisc Injection

Choosing Monovisc Injection at our clinic provides numerous advantages. It’s a single injection treatment, which means less discomfort and fewer visits to the clinic. Patients often experience long-lasting relief, with effects that can last up to six months. This convenience and efficacy make Monovisc a popular choice among patients seeking an effective solution for knee osteoarthritis pain.


Frequently Asked Questions

The onset of pain relief with Monovisc Injection varies, but many patients report a noticeable improvement in knee pain within a few weeks after the injection.

Monovisc Injection is ideal for patients with knee osteoarthritis who haven’t found relief with traditional treatments. However, it’s important to consult with our specialists to determine if it’s the right option for you.

Monovisc Injection is generally well-tolerated, but like any medical treatment, it may have side effects. Our clinic ensures a thorough assessment to minimize any risks.

A trained specialist uses a single injection to administer Monovisc. This is known as viscosupplementation. During the procedure, the patient will either be lying down or sitting, and a local anaesthetic may be used. The injected area is cleaned and bandaged after the Monovisc has been administered. 

The Monovisc injection contains ultra-pure hyaluronic acid, which can be found in the synovial fluid of the knee joint. This gel-like substance lubricates the joint, helping prevent damage and discomfort that might lead to pain. By allowing the bones of the joint to move more freely, Monovisc injections also help delay the onset of osteoarthritis. 

Most patients will be able to go for a repeat procedure after six months. However, this may not be true depending on your situation. If your osteoarthritis is deemed to be too advanced, then your surgeon may advise knee replacement surgery. 

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