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Lipogems are a revolutionary new treatment in the world of regenerative medicine for treating orthopaedic conditions. It works by taking fat tissue from your body and processing it into a unique substance with your natural repair cells. This is then injected into the affected area to enhance healing and provide support within the joint. Book a consultation with one of our specialists to discuss Lipogems for your specific needs.

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How do Lipogems work?

The procedure is quick and straightforward to perform, taking only around 90 minutes at most and on an outpatient basis. It requires a local anaesthetic and saline injection into the area where the fat tissue is being removed. The tissue then goes through a process to break down the fat, remove unwanted elements and maintain the regenerative properties in the tissue, known as Lipogems.

This is then injected into the joint, precisely where the issues are occurring. It is a very safe procedure as the extracted tissue is immersed saline to mitigate trauma to the cells. Also, it is your own natural cells being injected to heal the joint damage, which prevents the risk of the body rejecting them.

What are the benefits of Lipogems from London Cartilage Clinic?

There are several benefits of Lipogem therapy including:

  • You can go home the same day after the procedure
  • It only requires local anaesthetic and is quick to carry out
  • It encourages natural tissue regrowth from your own body
  • The procedure is minimally invasive which means faster recovery time
  • It can delay or even avoid the need for major surgery

London Cartilage Clinic is an exclusive specialist in cartilage and joint issues, meaning patients get a dedicated service from some of the best consultants in their field. With a long, proven track record of successful outcomes, you’re in the best possible hands for your joint pain treatment. If you’re interested in Lipogems in London, book a consultation with one our specialists to discuss your needs and treatment options.


Frequently Asked Questions

Lipogems can be a highly beneficial treatment for individuals who are suffering with osteoarthritis, have had a sports-related injury, or have other issues that are affecting their ligaments, tendons, and muscles. Lipogems for knees is particularly common with impressive results being generated from the use of Lipogems to treat knee injuries and conditions.

It’s normal to experience some swelling and soreness following your Lipogem injection. This should subside fairly quickly but can be managed with painkillers and rest in the meantime. You should start to see improvements to your symptoms between two and eight weeks, but exact results will vary depending on the severity of the injury or condition being treated and how the patient’s body responds.

There are other treatment options available for joint pain, conditions and injuries including alternative injections like PRP injections, stem cell therapy, and Arthrosamid. These minimally invasive procedures are some of the best ways to avoid more serious surgeries like a full knee or hip replacement.

Lipogems are created from fat tissue which is extracted from the patient having the injection. Unwanted elements are then removed from the fat to allow the substance to facilitate healing. 


Yes. In fact, these injections have an extremely low chance of causing complication as they are formulated cells from the patient’s own body. There can be a possibility of an allergic reaction to the local anaesthetic issued during the procedure. 

There are a wide range of conditions and injuries that can be treated using Lipogems injections. This includes joint pain, arthritis, carpal tunnel, rotator cuff injuries, and other degenerative bone diseases. 

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