MPFL repair

MPFL repair

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The medial patellofemoral ligament (MPFL) is a ligament that stabilises the knee. It makes up part of the soft tissue in the knee joint, attaching to the underside of the patella and the femur bone. Damage to the MPFL can occur when kneecap is dislocated or fractured, with the common causes being a sporting injury or fall. When this happens, the kneecap can become loose as it can no longer be held in the groove at the end of the thigh bone.

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Why might you need MPFL repair?

A damaged MPFL left to heal on its own can risk healing in the incorrect position, or never completely healing at all. This can create further issues later in life. Getting MPFL repair surgery is a guaranteed way to improve knee stability and prevent complications due to damaged cartilage. MPFL reconstruction may also be involved, which is a procedure where the ligament is replaced with new artificial or biological material.

What are the benefits of MPFL repair from LCC?

At the London Cartilage Clinic, our specialists are accustomed to treating the MPFL in knee joints. As a result, we possess knowledge of any complications that can arise due to surgical procedures on the knee joint. You will be fully informed of what is involved and any factors that might affect your decision. With our MPFL repair treatment you should not experience future patella dislocations, thus preventing recurring knee problems. Patients can then return to their favourite physical activities.



Frequently Asked Questions

Most patients will be able to return home the same day of the surgery. However, you will experience difficulty bending the knee which is likely to be accompanied by swelling of the knee.

It depends on what the medication is. You will need to notify your surgeon if you are on warfin or clopidogrel, but it is worth asking their advice for other medications also. They will then advise accordingly ahead of the procedure.

If it’s your first kneecap dislocation, there is a chance that physiotherapy will prove to be an effective treatment option. However, if your patella has dislocated multiple times before, you will continue to experience joint pain and discomfort if left untreated. MPFL damage can also lead to complications with arthritis.

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