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The meniscus performs an essential function in the human body in allowing the knee joint to absorb impacts. Damage to meniscus cartilage can result in the loss of range of movement in the knee and pain resulting from use. The London Cartilage Clinic offers meniscus tear repair treatments to ensure our patients can return to their usual activities and live life to the fullest. We believe no one should be in pain when it can be easily relieved with modern medicine.

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Why might you need meniscus repair?

Meniscus repair can consist of a range of surgical options for effective treatment of a meniscus tear injury. Whatever the severity, this injury can negatively impact quality of life as it hinders movement and prevents the individual from completing certain tasks and activities. It is especially problematic for those who enjoy being active and doing exercise on a regular basis. Meniscus tears that go untreated can also contribute to the progression of knee osteoarthritis, which repair can delay.

The benefits of meniscus repair from LCC

Damage to the meniscus can compromise the function of the cartilage – to protect the knee joint and the surrounding bones. As such, treatments that repair the meniscus are important for restoring the knee protection offered by the meniscus. We offer a range of options for meniscus repair that are designed to not only relieve the symptoms of meniscus tears in a short timeframe, but reduce the risk of future complications.

Our healthcare professionals utilise techniques, materials, and tools that are at the forefront of the industry. We use structures to add support to the joint while the body’s natural healing targets the area. This enables us to provide treatments that achieve long-lasting results for patients and lead to a dramatic improvement in quality of life. With our help, you will be back in work and enjoying your favourite sports and activities.


Frequently Asked Questions

Yes. Surgery to fix a damaged meniscus is a minimally invasive procedure that seldom results in complications.

Meniscus repair recovery typically takes around two weeks. Although this period can be extended due to factors such as age and underlying health conditions, as well as your job requirements. A friendly member of our team will advise you accordingly at the consultation stage.

It could be up to 24 hours before you experience any symptoms following the event that caused the meniscus tear, although there may be discomfort. Signs of meniscus damage could include:

  • Trouble straightening the knee fully.
  • Pain when twisting, rotating, or putting weight on the knee.
  • Swelling and/or stiffness.
  • A popping sensation in the knee.
  • The knee locking in place when you attempt to move.
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