Our Story

Cartilage is what we do.

Cartilage is a beautiful and delicate substance; it is tough and yet fragile. It is our biological protection, stopping our joints from rubbing together.

Cartilage is an amazing creation by our body. By understanding and respecting its physical, mechanical, and functional properties, we can protect, repair, and regenerate cartilage.

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A clinic that is dedicated to Cartilage

Working with cartilage requires an in-depth understanding of human cell biology, a problem solving approach with medical engineering, and technical ability of orthopaedic surgery.

The London Cartilage Clinic was founded by Prof Paul Lee to promote excellent care in cartilage conditions with international standards. Being able to access the latest techniques and technology across the world, we offer our patients game changing technology for the diagnosis and treatment of cartilage issues. With support from our academic team and physiotherapists, we can help our patients to protect and maintain their cartilage.

Combining multidisciplinary experience and knowledge from our experts, London Cartilage Clinic can provide the best of its class options to our patients. Our scientists, engineers and doctors have dedicated their research and work to cartilage.

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Multidisciplinary Experts

We are not just ‘doctors’, London Cartilage Clinic works with scientists, engineers as well as the best surgeons in the world. Based on this unique mix of expertise, we can offer creative and logical solutions to our patients.

International Excellence

London Cartilage Clinic has been awarded a teaching centre of excellence status by the International Cartilage Repair society. With this international status, we provide leading edge treatment options for our patients.

Private only exclusive clinic

London Cartilage Clinic offers an international class of medical service specialised in cartilage. Our clinic is dedicated to the top 1% of the population with cartilage issues. As a completely private medical clinic, we can access the latest and best treatments from all around the world, without the restrictions of the minimum standard from the public sector.

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Our Treatments

Cartilage repair, biological, stem cells and salvage treatment for cartilage damage for the whole body.

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