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London Cartilage Clinic have multiple locations, most clinics are held in Marylebone, Central London. We have regular weekly clinic in 9 Harley Street and 108 Harley Street. Our theatre is at the state of the art, luxurious Weymouth Street Hospital, around the corner from our clinics

London Cartilage Clinic is a private clinic, no NHS referral or GP Letter is necessary. Patients can self-refer, our friendly team of staff will be able to help you book in.

London Cartilage Clinic is a private clinic, most of our patients are self-referrers and self-funded.

London Cartilage Clinic is a private clinic that is dedicated to Cartilage related issues. Our aim is to promote excellent care in cartilage conditions with international standards. Being able to access the latest techniques and technology across the world, we offer our patients game changing technology for the diagnosis and treatment of cartilage issues without restrictions. Combining multidisciplinary experience and knowledge from our experts, London Cartilage Clinic can provide the best of its class options to our patients. Our scientists, engineers and doctors have dedicated their research and life’s work to cartilage related issues.

The NHS is an amazing organisation, that is designed for the nation for all disease spectrum and for people across all walks of life. Resource allocation, focus and management style would be very different to a world class dedicated private cartilage clinic in central London.

Please send us your old scans to use before your appointment. If you have a CD of the images, please contact our team, and get them uploaded to our system before your appointment. We would like to have the actual images rather than the report, as our experts can review those scans with a fresh pair of eyes. If you cannot send your scan to use before your appointment, please arrive 30 minutes early and ask our receptionist to upload the scan to our system.

We only work with a selected group of private medical insurance companies, please contact us at for more information. We accept most ‘international’ insurance companies for consultation and scans. Treatment and surgical management are usually only partly covered by the insurance company. Most of our patients are self-funded.

London Cartilage Clinic concierge service is run by our patient coordinator who provides our patients with an extremely high level of guidance and support from the moment you call the clinic to the day you fully recover.

We start on the phone with you to ensure that all your medical records, previous x-rays and MRIs, videos from surgery, and any other relevant information is in our hands when we see you in the clinic.

We take the time to help you understand what a visit is like at London Cartilage Clinic, what to expect, who you will meet, and how you will be cared for. If you are travelling internationally or coming in from out of town or for surgery, high level hotels and chauffeur would be arranged for you. Meals and relaxation plans preoperatively will be tailored according to your personal preferences.

We have access to high end rehab facilities to ensure your recovery runs smoothly.

Our nurses will coordinate any prescriptions you may need and plan for your post-op recovery appointments. Daily or sometimes twice daily physiotherapy visits will be scheduled with our team. Your entire experience will be managed carefully to ensure your optimal outcome. We take care of you every step of the way. For further information please contact us on

Yes, London Cartilage Clinic, is a trading name of MSK Doctors and Associates Ltd, whom are authorised by the FCA to provide to provide finance for our services.
Finance is available via our funding partner kandoo, you can apply via our application page here.

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