mFat, uFat, nFat Therapies

mFat, uFat, nFat Therapies

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At London Cartilage Clinic, we offer a range of adipose tissue therapies – mFat, uFat, and nFat – each tailored to meet different regenerative medicine needs. These therapies utilise the healing potential of adipose-derived stem cells, with varying degrees of processing and application specificity.

mFat Therapy – Micro-fragmented Adipose Tissue

mFat therapy involves the processing of adipose tissue into micro-fragments. This therapy is beneficial for a broad range of regenerative treatments, offering a balance between efficacy and longevity of results.

uFat Therapy – Ultra-fragmented Adipose Tissue

uFat therapy takes adipose tissue processing a step further, creating ultra-fragmented tissue that retains a higher concentration of mesenchymal stem cells. This makes uFat particularly effective for more precise regenerative applications.

nFat Therapy – Nano-fragmented Adipose Tissue

nFat therapy represents the most refined form of adipose tissue processing, breaking down the tissue to nano-scale. This enhances the surface area for interaction, making nFat a powerful option for intensive regenerative needs, especially in osteoarthritis treatment.

Comparing mFat, uFat, and nFat Therapies

Each therapy has its unique advantages:

  • mFat: Ideal for general regenerative purposes with sustained effects.
  • uFat: Suited for more precise and delicate regenerative needs.
  • nFat: Best for aggressive and targeted therapy, particularly effective in treating osteoarthritis.

Frequently Asked Questions

The choice depends on your specific condition and treatment goals. mFat offers broader applications, uFat provides precise regeneration, and nFat delivers targeted, potent therapy.

Recovery times vary depending on the therapy and the individual’s condition. Generally, all therapies have minimal recovery times, with specifics depending on the treatment area.

Yes, all therapies are safe, using the patient’s own adipose tissue, minimising risks of rejection or adverse reactions. Their effectiveness varies based on the specific application and individual patient needs.

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