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Little-known Facts to Know About Cell Therapy in London

Cell therapy has been making waves in the healthcare industry and gaining recognition as a revolutionary treatment. It involves the application of living cells to repair, replace, or regenerate damaged tissues in the body. While considering cell therapy in London, you should know some vital facts before starting the procedure. What to Know about Cell Therapy in London? The most common aspects are: Personalised Treatment: Cell therapy treatments are highly personalised and tailored to specific needs. It includes collecting cells from the patient's body which get then used to treat their condition. Safe and Minimally Invasive: It is a safe…

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Biological Scaffolding – 4 Crucial FAQs You Must Explore!

Biological scaffolds, composed of polymeric biomaterials, are used to provide structural support for tissue development and cell generation. These devices play a pivotal role in repairing and reconstructing missing and injured tissues. Nowadays, many doctors use biological scaffolding to treat cartilage injury, osteoarthritis, etc. But what actually these devices are? How do they work? Below are the crucial FAQs you should explore! FAQs on Biological Scaffolding What is Biological Scaffolding? Biological scaffolds are nothing but support structures made of specially designed materials. Most importantly, it has a similar structure to the human body in both cellular and mechanical forms. These…

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Does cartilage cell therapy works?

What’s the evidence that cartilage and meniscus cell therapy works? There is different evidence for cell therapy in cartilage and meniscus treatments. It depends on what we are looking at. In some sectors of cell therapy, there are over 20 years of experience and many randomised control trials to show that it is superior compared to traditional treatments, for example, micro-fracture. Microfracture just simply doesn't work.  This variety is to be expected in a field that has evolved so much over time. Inevitably there will be techniques that do not work, and situations where a technique was applied without understanding…

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