Knee Meniscus

Meniscus Repair & Regeneration

Meniscus is a hard cartilage; it is an important shock absorber for the knee. Damage to the meniscus leaves the patient with less protection for the cartilage and bone. Therefore, we must do our best to protect, repair and save the meniscus.

Meniscus surgery

There are many ways to treat meniscus tears, removal and meniscectomy should be the last option. As technology and biological treatments mature, there are many new ways to treat meniscus damage.

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Protect the meniscus

Studies show that removing up to 10% of the meniscus can increase joint stress by about 70%. For those with larger tears requiring the removal of 50% of the meniscus or more, these forces within the knee joint increase at a staggering rate which will cause damage to the cells. For this reason, removing part of the meniscus will begin a degenerative cascade, leading to earlier onset of knee osteoarthritis and an increased likelihood of knee replacement surgery.

Can the Meniscus be Repaired?

With the advance in medical science and our understanding in biology, it is now possible to repair meniscus tears which was not possible before. Using a biological scaffold to support the meniscus can increase the chances for success.

Supplementing the meniscus with biological substances

Growth factors and bone marrow stem cells can be used to support and enhance meniscus repair. A collagen and hyaluronan support can be used to augment the repair and give the body the opportunity to heal.

Meniscus Scaffold Regeneration

Artificial meniscus support and scaffold can be used to regenerate the meniscus, it is useful for larger tears and patients who have had part of their meniscus removed. It gives a 2nd chance for the body to regrow and regenerate the meniscus.

Meniscus Cartilage replacement

For meniscus with extensive damage, replacement is possible with either biological or synthetic materials. It is important to restore structural support to the knee and reduce the contact pressure to delay the onset of arthritis. Talk to our experts to see what option is available for you.

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Other Services

Other treatments we offer include biological surgery, advanced injections, knee meniscus, salvage treatment for cartilage damage for the whole body, cartilage supplements, and scaffold regeneration.

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