Biological Scaffolding – 4 Crucial FAQs You Must Explore!

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Biological Scaffolding – 4 Crucial FAQs You Must Explore!

Biological scaffolds, composed of polymeric biomaterials, are used to provide structural support for tissue development and cell generation. These devices play a pivotal role in repairing and reconstructing missing and injured tissues. Nowadays, many doctors use biological scaffolding to treat cartilage injury, osteoarthritis, etc. But what actually these devices are? How do they work? Below are the crucial FAQs you should explore!

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FAQs on Biological Scaffolding

  1. What is Biological Scaffolding?

Biological scaffolds are nothing but support structures made of specially designed materials. Most importantly, it has a similar structure to the human body in both cellular and mechanical forms. These devices allow regeneration to happen. And they will enable your body to grow into them. You can consider it regeneration and cell therapy. The best example of scaffolding in biology is repairing a broken bone.

  1. What Can Biological Scaffolding Treat?

Biological scaffolding can treat various issues, including sport-related cartilage injury, osteoarthritis, meniscus injuries, and more. There are different types of biological scaffolds available on the market. But the specialist needs to understand which one to use for a particular condition.

  1. Is Biological Scaffolding Suitable for Knee Joint Injury?

Biological scaffolding has been around for 40 years. But with the advancement of technology, cartilage cells have improved, leading specialists to create microstructures. And now, with the help of the latest nano 3D printing technique, it’s possible to create structures that are smaller than cartilage cells. These can be effective in cell growth.

It needs a clear understanding of the foundation and how it interacts with cells. The latest materials of scaffolds will allow you to direct the cells to do you want. And that is why biological scaffolding has become popular.

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  1. Can Biological Scaffolding Be Used with Other Treatments?

Biological scaffolding works best with a combination of cell therapy. It actually depends on what you want to get treated. Nowadays, most doctors use different scaffolding materials or cell types. But we have achieved immense fame for using scaffolding treatment to treat cartilage defects during keyhole surgery.

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