Biological Surgery

What is cell therapy?

Cell therapy is a type of biological treatment using the body’s own building blocks to regenerate and regrow an injured part. When part of the body is damaged, cell therapy techniques can help restore that part to its “original” state.

The problem with the human body is that we don’t always recover fully from injuries. Broken bones can heal and bruises eventually go away, but when you cut yourself badly you’re left with a scar that never completely vanishes. There is a whole range of injuries that involve the soft tissues of our body – the cartilage and tendons – such as a shoulder injury or knee injury. Even with the best surgery, you’re likely to still have a limited range of movement and possibly pain. There seems to be something that stops these soft tissues from healing properly.

Cell Therapy Is A Combination Of Therapies

  • Hyaluronic acid
  • Cell therapy
  • Growth factors such as PRP
  • Bioscaffold

All these therapies together contribute to improving the environment around the damaged cells, supplying them the nutrients for recovery, enhancing the growth of cells, etc.

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But what if we could help the soft tissues recover?

That’s what cell therapy is all about. Over the last 40 years, researchers have been figuring out the environment our bodies need to help soft tissues grow and regenerate.


The latest techniques are safer than ever – and they can be carried out in a single session. S.T.A.C.i.

How does cell therapy work?

Cell therapy is often misunderstood as just a series of injections. While cell therapy certainly does involve injections, it’s much more than that.

The best way to think about cell therapy is to imagine that you’re repairing a patch of your garden. There is a patch of dead grass (the damaged cartilage in your knee) that you’d like to repair. If you just threw some seeds on top of the dead grass, this would be a bad idea. You need to remove the bad grass, get rid of the weeds, dig up the dry soil and put some new soil down. The seeds you scatter then need plenty of water and sunlight to grow.

Similarly, in the knee, there are several steps to the process. Diseased tissues need to be removed, the foundation needs to be rebuilt, external harmful forces need to be corrected, and proper nutrition and cells are also needed to enable the cell therapy process to happen. Eventually, new cartilage will grow and thrive in a healthy environment.

A Comprehensive Treatment

By combining various revolutionary treatments, this biological surgery delivers exactly what patients are looking for. Hyaluronic acid, cell therapy, PRP, and Bioscaffold – all these are combined to produce results including improving the environment around the damaged cells, delivering nutrients to the cells for better and faster recovery, healthy cartilage development, enhanced growth of cells, etc. Book an expert consultation online.

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