Arthrosamid Knee Pain Injection

iPAAG Knee Pain Injection

Arthrosamid®, an intra-articular polyacrylamide hydrogel injection (iPAAG), is a new type of treatment for knee osteoarthritis that offers patients an effective alternative to the currently available therapies. The treatment involves an injection into the knee that provides effective relief from the pain associated with knee osteoarthritis. Osteoarthritis generally occurs when the cartilage (the one that cushions the bone ends in your joints) gradually deteriorates. Arthrosamid® is a knee pain injection that is based on an innovative non-biodegradable hydrogel technology.  It is 97.5% water with 2.5% being a cross-linked polyacrylamide backbone meaning once it has the properties to make it a longer lasting solution that other typical treatments for osteoarthritis pain. When injected into the knee, Arthrosamid® cushions the joint in a different way in comparison to standard injections and reduces pain. It works on the synovium and reduces inflammation, providing safe and sustained relief, all with one injection.

How Does Arthrosamid® Work?

  • Acts on synovium to shield the joint
  • Reduces bone marrow lesions and bone bruising
  • Lubrication to the joint
  • Non-biodegradable Injectable implant

Once the iPAAG is injected into the inner joint cavity to treat osteoarthritis, it restores viscosity within the synovial fluid, improving lubrication and cushioning of the joint. Arthrosamid® also integrates into the synovium of the inner joint capsule creating a cushion-like effect. This cushioning and lubrication tackles the pain inducing effects of osteoarthritis that are caused by the degeneration of cartilage. The pain relief injections are a single dose solution to pain in the knee caused by osteoarthritis.


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How does Arthrosamid® differ from other injectable knee pain treatments?

Arthrosamid® is different from Viscosupplement injections for the knee such as hyaluronic acid (HA), platelet-rich plasma (PRP) and regenerative stem cell therapy. Unlike these treatments, Arthosamid® is a non-degradable hydrogel that can efficiently cure knee osteoarthritis. It has the properties to lubricate and cushion for longer.

Unlike the other treatments, Arthosamid® also has the ability to become an integrated part of the soft synovial tissue in the joint capsule, leading to longer-lasting pain relief and giving the ultimate solution to knee osteoarthritis.

In a number of clinical trials with Arthrosamid®, there were no serious side effects related to the hydrogel. The most commonly reported side effects were mild to moderate injection site pain and swelling, which were generally transient in nature. The overall safety profile of hydrogel has been established over the last 20 years with its use for various indications in the body.

before arthrosamid
3 months after arthrosamid
6 months after arthrosamid

Frequently Asked Questions

I've already had other knee pain injections, can I still have Arthrosamid?

Yes. Arthrosamid works differently to any other knee injections. It works on the joint lining (synovial membrane) instead of between the joint. Therefore it treats the joint differently and can be used even if you have had other injections before.

I'm on the waiting list for a knee replacement, will this effect my eligability?

From our experience, Arthrosamid injections have not influenced the successful outcome of total knee replacement surgery.

How much does an Arthrosamid injection cost?

The cost of a single joint is £2,995 and two joints are £5,000. This cost includes initial consultation, MRI scan review, antibiotics and specialist injection protocol. All injections in our clinic are performed under ultrasound or MRI guidance by a medically qualified doctor rather than nurses or physiotherapists.

Sometimes patients require a top up arthrosamid injection. Subsequent injections with follow up consultation inclusive  cost £2,300 for one and £4,300 for two, £5,900 for three.

Can I have an injection in both knees at once?

Our most successful injections are patients having both knees done at once. It makes sense to have two less painful knees than just the one.

Is there a recovery period after the injection?

Typically we would suggest to ‘take it easy’ for the first couple of weeks to allow the Arthrosamid to settle in. There are however no restrictions and patients can be fully weight baring and drive straight away. However, we would avoid the marathon training for 2 weeks.

Are there any side effects I should be aware of?

Infection is one of the most important side effect that we need watch out for, this can be mitigated by our IV antibiotics regimen. The other important side effect is, inflammation or ‘synovitis’ following the injection as the Arthrosamid are trying to stabilise the joint lining. This biological response can be seen in some patients, from our experience, we have developed an injection regime to significantly reduce the inflammation.

How long will the effects of the injection last?

The published randomised controlled clinic trials have shown up to two years for some patients. Of course the more severe the arthritis the less likely that it will work and the less likely that it will last. Of course, everybody’s biology is different and results and lasting effects can vary.

Can Arthrosamid only be injected into the knee or other areas with OA too?

Currently Arthrosamid is only licensed to be used in the knee in the UK. However, it is a medical device and it can be used in other joints at the discretion of a fully licenced medical doctor that is capable to deal with the potential complications. Hip, ankle, shoulder and wrist are other common sites which has been treated successfully with Arthrosamid. At our clinics we have an MDT approach and specialist governance protocol for this.

Other Treatments

In addition to aiding osteoarthritis, we offer biological surgery, knee meniscus, salvage treatment for cartilage damage for the whole body, cartilage supplements, and scaffold regeneration.

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