Arthrosamid® (iPAAG) for Knee Osteoarthritis: A Brief Guide on!

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Arthrosamid® (iPAAG) for Knee Osteoarthritis: A Brief Guide on!

Do you often experience pain and inflammation in your knee joints? The chances are that it’s a sign of knee osteoarthritis! According to research, it’s a kind of degenerative joint disease in the knee, which is quite common, especially in people over forty years old. In simple words, this condition develops when your knee experiences wear and tear and loses articular cartilage.

Well, you don’t have to undergo metal or plastic implants. With our cartilage treatment service, you can enjoy your own biology. In today’s blog, we have discussed an effective alternative for knee osteoarthritis treatment, Arthrosamid® (iPAAG). Get scrolling to read further!

What Is Arthrosamid® (iPAAG)?

It’s an intra-articular polyacrylamide hydrogel injection (iPAAG) effective for treating knee osteoarthritis. Recent research shows that Arthrosamid® proves to be a better alternative than currently available therapies since it’s based on an innovative non-biodegradable hydrogel technology. This treatment cushions the knee joints differently compared to conventional methods like standard injections and lessens pain and inflammation. You can have sustained relief just with one injection of Arthrosamid®!

How does Arthrosamid® work?

Generally, our Arthrosamid® works on synovium to offer the knee joint a shield to reduce the stress on the damaged cartilage. One injection creates a cushion-like effect in the synovium. It reduces bone bruising and bone marrow lesions. Also, this treatment lubricates the knee joint since our doctors inject it into the inner joint cavity to restore viscosity within the synovial fluid and cushion the joint. You can see an analytical image of knee joints to understand the procedure we have shared on our website, or follow us on Instagram for this!

How Is Arthrosamid® (iPAAG) Different from Other Standard Injections?

As mentioned earlier, Arthrosamid® (iPAAG) acts differently than standard injections, like Viscosupplement injections, including hyaluronic acid (HA), regenerative stem cell therapy, and platelet-rich plasma (PRP) used for conventional knee joint or cartilage repair treatments. Since it’s a non-degradable hydrogel, Arthrosamid® consists of properties able to cushion and lubricate the knee joints for a long time. It becomes an integral part of synovial tissue in the joint and relieves you from pain and inflammation for longer.

Anyway, if you’re worried about side effects, don’t be! We haven’t found any serious side effects from this hydrogel during the clinical trials of Arthrosamid®. Yes, our clients have reported the most common side effects but mild ones, like swelling and pain in the injected area.

And you can check the effectiveness of this treatment from the digital analytical images of a knee joint where we applied this hydrogel injection on our website or Facebook.

However, we also have another alternative to treat knee osteoarthritis apart from Arthrosamid®, and that’s Cartilage Supplements. It’s available in both oral and injectable supplements. If you want to avoid those mild to moderate side effects, like swelling and pain from Arthrosamid® injections, you can choose oral supplements here to reduce knee joint pain and improve arthritis symptoms.

Just book an appointment online at our exclusive clinic for cartilage for Arthrosamid® (iPAAG) to treat your knee osteoarthritis. And stay connected with us on Linkedin for recent updates!

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